Wander through the gardens of past and future centuries with L'escarpolette,
Find the emblematic furniture of past eras that we have reissued.
Discover pieces created by today's designers that will make history in future.

The origins of l'Escarpolette

In order to develop this unique range of outdoor furniture, we carried out extensive research into archival documents.

We were seduced and moved by furniture that was once in vogue, by accessories whose use has gradually been lost...to the point of wishing to find them in our gardens today.
In parallel with this exploration, we collaborated with carefully selected designers to bring you an exceptional contemporary range.

Thus was born our brand L'Escarpolette, dedicated to the world of the garden, whose name and colour stories borrow directly from Jean-Honoré Fragonard's painting 'les hasards heureux de l'escarpolette'.
Contemporary or historical, each of the pieces gathered here arouses emotion and breathes poetry into the place that hosts it.


l'Escarpolette's collections

The historical collection

Once designed by the craftsman, the architect or the artist, the furniture and ornaments that make up the historical collection reflect their era and the art of garden living.

From the gardens of the 18th century to those of the early 20th century, from one continent to another, new finds unearthed from oblivion regularly join the collection.

The contemporary collection

Guided by their curiosity and sensitivity, our selected designers have imagined new and timeless pieces, capable of conversing with their 'illustrious' predecessors and inhabiting the exteriors of the future.

The contemporary collection will gradually be enriched by the creations of new talents upon whom we call.

l'Escarpolette's values

Made in France

The venture of l'Escarpolette is above all made possible thanks to our carpenter's workshop team located in a small village in Deux-Sèvres, on the borders of the regions of New Aquitaine and Pays de la Loire. These men and women are committed to a job well done and meet the daily challenges of designing, developing and manufacturing our wood product lines.

Depending on the model, we also rely on the enthusiasm and know-how of local craftspeople who master materials other than wood.
The ropes for our swings are designed and manufactured by the Ladivine rope factory in Maine et Loire.
The cushions that cover our seats are made by the companies Toiles et Voiles (in Deux-Sèvres) and SOFA (in Vendée).
The paintings are made in Brittany by Les Malouinières. The oils come from the French distributor of the manufacturer Rubio.


The combination of local wood, tradition & modernity:

The furniture presented in our various ranges is made of solid wood and uses local, sustainable species, just like in the past. We chose between larch and Douglas fir and oak, which are known for their robustness in outdoor environments.

This requirement certainly has a cost, but it makes sense with our approach.
It means thatIris, Lily, Hortense and their historical cousins can once again roam freely in your garden, we have tried to reproduce them as faithfully as possible.
However, they have also benefited, like their contemporary counterparts, from the modern manufacturing methods available to us - 3D design, CNC machining - and from innovative technical materials dedicated to the outdoors.
Throughout the production process, the carpenter's hand is essential and remains indispensable in order to guarantee the longevity, quality and comfort of our products.

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