The furniture you receive has been protected with oil and/or paint in our workshops. It can therefore be installed directly outside.
In other words, for the time being you have nothing to do... ... except enjoy a well-deserved break in your garden!

Our products are suitable for outdoor use, in the sun and in the rain, and regular maintenance will prolong their life.

If you have the possibility, we advise you to bring them in during the cold season or to cover them with a protective tarpaulin, taking care not to trap any moisture.

Store your swings in their packing boxes when you take them down.

Note: Wood is a natural and living material, whose appearance will change over time.

The natural colour of the wood will gradually fade and turn grey as a result of weathering, as well as exposure to UV light from the sun and the moon. This is normal and is not a defect.

This grey tint does not alter the intrinsic qualities of the wood and if it suits you, you can choose to leave it that way.

The colour of a painted or oiled piece of furniture will gradually fade.

Wood maintenance:

Cleaning of your already protected furniture:

With external soap, whereby the frequency of use will determine how dirty the wood is.

Renewing the colour of oiled furniture:

VYou can opt for a simple cleaning with the exterior soap or choose to renew the colours with the tinted oils available on our website or on www.acheter-rubio.fr.

Renewing the colour of painted furniture:

On the website www.malouinieres.com, you can find the paints we have selected for l’Escarpolette, as well as the nourishing glazes to renovate them.


Cushion maintenance:

First, remove the dirt with a brush.

Then clean the fabric with a soft bristle brush moistened with a mild soap and water solution.

Wait for the cleaning solution to penetrate the fabric. Then rinse thoroughly until all soap residues have been removed.

Finally, let the fabric air dry.

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